First Official Poster for Spike Lee’s Oldboy

Today, FilmDistrict has released the first official poster for Spike Lee‘s new adaptation of the manga, Oldboy. The comic was previously adapted by Park Chan-wook, and centers on a man who is inexplicably kidnapped and held prisoner for twenty years only to be released for no apparent reason. The man then sets out to get revenge on his mysterious captor. Park’s film is excellent, and so it’s difficult not to be wary of a new adaptation, but Lee has a unique style plus an excellent cast featuring Josh Brolin, Sharlto Copley, and Elizabeth Olsen. A couple fun facts about this poster: the title is in Brolin’s handwriting based on the letters he writes to his daughter while in captivity. More interesting is that this image is an actual shot from the movie, not a

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coolbeans1776d ago

Josh Brolin? I really didn't expect that (haven't kept up with the behind-the-scenes stuff).