Infobarrel - Top 5 Incredible Werewolf Transformations in Film

A werewolf film just is not a werewolf film without the token "transformation" scene. Their human flesh shedding off or grotesquely mutating and becoming covered in fur. The fangs that replace teeth. The claws that pop out their human nails. The werewolf transformation scene was the shocker that was shocking before shock horror like the Saw series was even a thought. However, a lot of werewolf movies cop out and just shift the scene away during the transformation to save money.

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Hergula1809d ago

This... was...awesome.

A hell, I might as well curse: This post was f***ing sweet as honey.

*Gives standing ovation to the author*

Defectiv3_Detectiv31808d ago

The werewolf transformation in monster squad is not to be overlooked.