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Ryan Reynolds Updates on the Deadpool Movie


Inside the issue (which is available for just £1.99 on your iPad), we chat with the R.I.P.D. star about the ongoing saga of the Deadpool spin-off movie, which has been mooted ever since he played Wade Wilson in X-Men: Origins - Wolverine. The film's had a script from Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and Tim Miller is attached to direct.

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Anthotis1786d ago

Why the hell are they relying on such a shit actor to play a disfigured and masked character?

TwistedMetal1786d ago

I liked his deadpool from xman wolverine movie. he was a badass and had jokes. also deadpool is annoying and you guys already hate ryan Reynolds so its perfect fit I say.

Hergula1785d ago

Well because he has the perfect attitude to play the character.

cell9891785d ago

He is the perfect actor for Deadpool wtf are you talking about? Have you not seen Wolverine origins?

zeal0us1786d ago

Sucks they can't find another actor to portray Deadpool

ironfist921786d ago

The entire point of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is to get the character as obnoxious as possible.

Hergula1785d ago

How does any of this suck? Ryan Reynolds is a good actor, I agree he ain´t great, but come on, Tom Hardy played Bane, Henry Cavill played Superman, why can´t Ryan Reynolds get a big break with Deadpool?

Drekken1784d ago

Why does Deadpool have to be played by Green Lantern? How many actors are in Hollywood? 5?

maximus19851785d ago

would you prefer jim carrey?

Panthers1786d ago

I think he makes a good Deadpool. More-so than Green Lantern. Hes got the sarcasm to be the merc with the mouth.

Hergula1785d ago

Agreed, Ryan Reynolds was not a good fit to play Green Lantern. Someone else should have played that part.

Transporter471785d ago

I liked him as Green Lantern but i did not like the story or what they did with the movie overall so was a big let down for me.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31785d ago

I have a hard time seeing Reynolds playing a disfigured character who wears a mask through 99% of a movie - something tells me that they are going to find an excuse to show off his pretty boy face. The thing about Deadpool that makes for an exceptionally hard character to adapt is his tendency to break down the fourth wall and address the audience directly. I'm not sure how they plan to handle this filmwise but this is an undeniable aspect of the character.

And yeah, not a big fan of Reynolds as an actor myself. He has a very dry line delivery and he seems capable of only making 1 facial expression. Maybe after RIPD bombs he will be coerced into doing Deadpool, but I have very little faith in this movie. If it is good it will be more of a testament to the writers.