Digibytes Review Of Hannibal Season 1

Digibytes writer Christopher Pascarelli gives his review of the new NBC sleeper hit show Hannibal for the complete first season.

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medman1782d ago

This show was phenomenal. It is so well scripted, and the actors turn in tremendous performances. It saddens me that this show isn't doing better in the ratings, because it certainly was the best new show I've seen this season. It is graphic and certainly for a mature audience, but again, it is tremendous.

JewyMcJew1782d ago

Along with Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, we are in the golden age of Television.

I just hope they get a full season next year, no more 12 episode runs. If we are lucky, Netflix will take notice and purchase the series.

Static2121781d ago

@jewy the creator of Hannibal stated that he wants make each season 13 episodes, I actually like this idea, because if the show is given 22 or 23 episodes then it runs a risk of being long and drawn out.