'Drew: The Man behind the Poster' Will Debut at Comic-Con

8CN: Drew Struzan is the creator of some of the most iconic movie posters of all time. Back to the Future, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Police Academy, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, First Blood, The Muppets Movie, Indiana Jones, The Goonies, The Thing; all him. Unfourtunately, every great career has to come to an end sometime, and Struzan officially retired in 2008. On the plus side, a much anticipated documentary celebrating the artist is heading to Comic-Con.

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darklordzor1749d ago

One of the best poster designers ever. His posters are art, and I love it when studios take time to put some thought into their promotional stuff. I wish more posters were like this these days!

coolbeans1747d ago

Wow...that's quite some reputation. I'd really like to see that documentary.