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Metal Arcade: Zack Kircher writes:

With a terrible script, mostly disappointing performances and misguided direction, White House Down is an absolute failure of an action film.

Every so often, Hollywood studios go into direct competition with each other by releasing two different versions of essentially the same exact story. This year, we’re getting two takes on the “Die Hard in the White House” concept, one (Olympus Has Fallen) being R-rated and the other (White House Down) PG-13. Now that Olympus Has Fallen has already entertained audiences worldwide and had a successful run at the box office, does Roland Emmerich’s White House Down have a chance?

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coolbeans1755d ago

Roland Emmerich hasn't been involved in anything decent since The Day After Tomorrow.

MetalArcade1755d ago

I'd go back even further to Independence Day

coolbeans1755d ago


Didn't care for The Patriot?

MetalArcade1752d ago

Didn't know he made The Patriot, love that movie.