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Fresh Kaiju Organs Delivered From the Pacific Rim


Earlier today, we posted a new viral video from the world of Pacific Rim that features Ron Perlman's Hannibal Chau advertising his black market Kaiju organ business. Now, it seems that he's sent us along a special delivery! A silver briefcase showed up in the mail with "samples" of Chau's products along with new artwork to promote the July 12 release.

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GenericNameHere1810d ago

Awesome stuff!! Can't wait for the movie next week. I hope we get a Godzilla sneak peek after the credits!

Crazay1810d ago

It's a pretty sweet little keepsake for the movie eh.

I'm also looking forward to this. I t looks pretty cool.

ironfist921809d ago

or a Godzilla teaser trailer attached to the this film

zerocrossing1810d ago

They're really marketing the crap out of this one huh?

I'm looking forward to Pacific Rim like I'm sure most others are, but still the movie better be damn good with all this hype going on.

coolbeans1809d ago

Early screenings seem to be rather fond of it, thus far.

zerocrossing1809d ago

Yeah and it really does look good, but I'm always wary of movies or games that get a lot of hype on the count of them usually turning out to be crap :/

maniac761810d ago the whole story of the monsters.cray