How Christopher Nolan's Batman Could Still Be Part Of Justice League


The "news" that broke late last night, with Christian Bale saying out loud that he won't play Batman in any forthcoming Justice League movie, wasn't really news. It's been clear since the final moments of The Dark Knight Rises that Bale's Bruce Wayne was done with Gotham and super heroics in general, and though Man of Steel made reference to Wayne Industries, it had no explicit ties to Nolan's version of the Dark Knight. Henry Cavill is a new Superman, so he was getting a new Batman in the future… right?

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Crazay1783d ago

I predict they go all new. The Dark Knight series will NOT be referenced in any way. TO think any other way is just wishful thinking.

aDDicteD1781d ago

they will surely go in a new direction, bale wont reprise his role that is a given, however, batman will always be represented as bruce wayne and not another character so for me it is clear that they will cast another good actor to play bruce in the justice league movie.