Superman: Stone Cold Killa


Man of Steel has been out for a couple of weeks now, so we figure it's pretty safe to run this story now. But that said, spoilers follow. Don't read any further if you don't want to be spoiled on the end of the film!

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Deadpool6161788d ago

What other choices did Superman have?

ThatArtGuy1787d ago

For me, they didn't do a satisfactory build up to the decision. After thousands of people dying in Metropolis due to all the destruction, he finally comes to this decision after Zod wants to kill three people with heat vision? Show me that Superman cares about people. Show me that Superman wants to protect us. Show me that Superman has NO OTHER RECOURSE after exhausting ALL OTHER OPTIONS. Then, and only then, would I feel it was necessary. It's similar to the fight in Smallville. He never tries to save any of the people there, and never once does he try to divert the fight away from Main Street. There was a corn field a block away.

Shad0wRunner1787d ago

They DID show you that superman cares about people. He cared SO much about the 3 people (humans) that he was willing to kill General Zod and with him, his entire race (except for the few that was sent back to the phantom zone)to protect humanity. He even said "Krypton had it's chance" and he knew that as long as Zod was allowed to live, he would forever be a constant threat to humanity.

He couldnt have flown him thru the roof and out the building - Because he would risk Zod hitting those people with his heat vision on the way out.

In fact, ANYTHING other than snapping Zod's neck would've put those humans at risk of being killed.

He didnt do so with a smile on his face. You could tell he felt remorse for killing one of his people and damning his entire race. You could tell it was a decision he didnt WANT to make.

Do you expect superman to just stand on top of Zod for all of eternity, knocking him out everytime he wakes up? He couldnt have flown him out to space, because Zod wouldve came back...over and over again.

Sometimes there comes a point when you must realise,the only way to stop the to kill it. At THAT point, you really DONT have any other choice.

SilentNegotiator1787d ago

I would have been happier if they had waited a movie or two. Superman is supposed to only do that as a last resort and there was hardly proper build up for it.

There have been moments in the comics where he ended his own career because he let himself go to that extreme, even when absolutely no one would deny its necessity (like myxlplyx in that one Alan Moore comic).

ThatArtGuy1787d ago

My problem isn't what he did, it's how they did it.

Deadpool6161787d ago

I really just want to know what options did Superman have to stop the battle? Kryptonite wasn't an option, and the Phantom Zone was already used to take out Zod's army. It just came down to the two Kryptonians battling it out with the Earth falling apart between them. Zod wasn't going to stop to let Superman find out all the answers. Zod threaten him to make the choice and Superman made the only choice he could make. Superman released Zod from the predetermined burden that Krypton established in him. Zod wasn't born with the right to freely choose his destiny. Zod wasn't anymore than a slave and product of Krypton, made to do it's bidding for the planet, even after the event of it's destruction.

The entire movie Superman was just managing to deal with a threat bigger than him. It would be no different than any of us fighting a small army with the help of children with nerf guns.

TheRealHeisenberg1787d ago

I agree with Shad0wRunner. Superman did all he could do. He even surrendered to Zod to save the people of earth.

I'm interested in knowing how you would have done it and how you think the masses would have liked it while taking into consideration that you can't please everybody.

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SilentNegotiator1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

"Don't read any further if you don't want to be spoiled on the end of the film!"

Sure, like the title doesn't basically give it away.

zugdar1787d ago

The creators have already said why they did what they did. Look it up.

OSIRUSSS1787d ago

Will WB ever get a DC movie right?

andron6661787d ago

Well the spoilers in the title, so how do you avoid it??

I haven't seen the film yet, but got the scene spoilt on another site, but still putting it in the articles title is really not fair...

DarkBlood1787d ago

then how come your reading anything to do with the movie after the point of theatre release?

Lord_Sloth1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

The topic title is read at a glance and only takes a second. All you have to do is see what the top articles are and BAM! Spoiled Superman movie. Your question may as well be "Why are you on this site?" Such an ignorant thing to say.

What would you have us do? Disable our internet or stop trying to keep up with the industry at all?

What an assinine submission.

andron6661785d ago

I didn't read the article it was featured on Newsboiler, hard to miss.

I know, i should stay off the net if I don't want anything spoiled, I just ask that sites at least don't put spoilers in their article titles...

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