Could Hellboy 3 Find a Home at Legendary?


Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman sat down with Legendary Pictures head Thomas Tull last night, a break from the San Francisco-based weekend press tour for Pacific Rim.

Del Toro told me this morning, during our one-on-one chat, that Perlman brought up the prospect of Hellboy 3. "I hate giving pieces about it, but last night, we were at dinner and Ron said, 'I would be very happy to do Hellboy again, when are we doing Hellboy 3?' Thomas [Tull] said, 'I would love to see Hellboy 3.' He didn't say he would love to do it he just said he'd like to see it, but today, I'll ask him."

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Lord_Sloth1786d ago

I hope so. I freaking LOVED Hellboy 2!!!

Varzoth1786d ago

I too hope so, Hellboy is awesome.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31786d ago

I hope so. I loved Hellboy 2 as well even if it is a little too similar plot wise to Blade 2.