The Red Viper Cast on Game of Thrones

In one of the most anticipated castings for Game of Thrones’ Season 4 (at least for book fans), HBO has revealed that Prince Oberyn Martell has been cast. The Dornish Prince, aka The Red Viper, will be played by Chilean actor Pedro Pascal. More description of the character and actor in the link.

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dcrowsneset1759d ago

Can you edit that? Because it kind of ruins it for the non-readers.

NewMonday1758d ago

I burned threw all the books in 2 months after the first season, sad to say it's all downhill from here, it's not just about people dying, the plot itself dosnt move anywhere, at the last book things are pretty much the same as now.

also new antagonists get conceived in an arbitrary way, and bad situations just pop up from nowhere, it's like a reverse Deus Ex Machina.

Hellsvacancy1758d ago

I gave up on A Dance With Dragons, too many pages of nothingness

Im all for violence/mature themes etc, but the books are nothing but misery

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FRA851758d ago

ffs people just ruined a major part of the story for me.

as for the good guys getting took out that red wedding episode was crazy.

and even if his a lanaster the imp is one of my favourite characters.

Tiqila1758d ago

looking forward to season 4!
finally a series that is not predictable.

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