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Michael Rosenbaum Lays Claim to Lex Luthor Role in ‘Man of Steel 2’

8CN: Smallville star and bald-head aficionado Michael Rosenbaum has used the ancient thespian art of “calling dibs” for the character of Lex Luthor in the Man of Steel sequel. Rosenbaum went on twitter to establish his dominance over his previoius role, specifically calling out Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston. The whole affair was in response to a Buzzfocus article that listed off potential Luthors. No word yet on whether Rosenbaum’s comments will lead to a traditonal Hollywood bald-off.

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DarkBlood1758d ago

oh man would so love for that to freaking happen lol

Ninte1758d ago

Finally Man of steel has screened on NZ cinemas and i just watched it and enjoy every minute of it. It would be great to have that happened but i know there are a lot of other actors that play Lek Luthor role.

RedHawkX1758d ago

id like him to be the lex or Arnold Vosloo the pharos mummy bad guy from The mummy

Lord_Sloth1758d ago

While Superman Returns was not a good movie Kevin Spacey did a fantastic job as Lex.

RedHawkX1756d ago

that lex was stupid so cant even rate on the job he did. that was like the lex from the first ever animated superman cartoon or something lol.