White House Down Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted their reviews for "White House Down" Ryan liked elements of the film but found it filled with bad one liners and unintentional laughs. But said if you have zero expectations, you may like it.

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Sahil1820d ago

When I heard the "Get yo hands off my Jordans" line on the trailer I hung my head in shame...Good Lord just finished doing a movie about shooting up slave owners and freeing tortured individuals from plantations in Django, now lets just jump right back to reinforced stereotypes yaaaaay

RedHawkX1820d ago

lol thats why this movie will be fun. will show how most this young white girls going after ingnorant stereyotipical black dudes because of rap music is retarded. its cool to date quality black dudes who got themselves together but to date street rats who dont give a dang about you is just stupid. these girls must of watched alladin to much but in aladdin the dude actually did good things like take jiffare etc+ he had a genie. this thug dudes greatest accomplishment is having mutliple kids with 4 different woman and been in jail numerous times and the white woman still date them and get cheated on. prioritys ladies

Garethvk1818d ago

The movie was basically a parody of action films. It is so over the top and filled with plot holes and bad lines that it sets new standards for futility. But it is dumb entertainment you can enjoy as it is just so easy to find the faults and easier to just enjoy the ride.