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"As much as I laughed at The Heat, I still walked out of the theater unsatisfied with the overall experience. That’s not to say that it’s a bad movie, it’s just such a mediocre movie that happens to also make you laugh enough that it’s easy to forget those long stretches where you’re sitting there uncomfortable hoping something funny happens again. The Heat is serviceable, but there is no way that I can recommend seeing it in the theater while two fantastic comedies released just in the weeks prior. It’s a shame that the sheer star and comedy power here couldn’t make The Heat a better movie." - David Rhinehart of

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Sahil1754d ago

The movie's more than epic , it's funny , witty , and both Sandra and Melissa did a great job on their parts , really , I thought that this would be extremely similar to Miss Congeniality , but the way Sandra played her part , it was like she has never played a part of an FBI agent before , thus why it was so fresh and exciting and more than awesome ! A must see !