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Like a frequent YouTube comment writer, Director Roland Emmerich is the Troll King of movie land; a technologically enabled commenter who sees disaster movies as opportunities to jab at his audience’s sensitivities with a sarcasm that rivals the size of his on-screen global spectacle.

This epiphany came during White House Down, a film that is cold, dumb and ugly. Thus, it fits cozily into Emmerich's history of trolling. While Emmerich only gets to blow up a couple of national landmarks (an action spectacle I could watch at the movies every week), his unsightly attitude is aimed towards satirizing current incarnations of patriotism, peace and poking at very fresh wounds of recent history that even lame shock comedians would find to be in poor taste. It is an ugly movie that fails the Die Hard test it signs itself up for.

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Sahil1785d ago

This movie was the biggest pile of ball-sandwich that I've seen in a VERY long time. And yes, I saw Die Hard 5.