Monsters University | The Game Effect Review

Coming-of-age films about a person finding their true selves in college have been done to death; Attack of the Nerds, Animal House, and Legally Blonde-- to name a few of the films that have set the genre’s clichés in stone. Although it falls prey to some of these clichés, Monsters University, the prequel to Pixar’s Monsters Inc., manages to stand out amongst the numerous college films with its unique world and characters which deliver a satisfying tale of determination and struggle during what is the crossroads of many peoples’ lives. University may not have the same level of emotional and thematic complexity of Inc., but it parallels modern university life and plays well with old genre themes and situations.

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Sahil1790d ago

Watched it today...EXCELLENT MOVIE! Very well written, easily one of Pixars best

Arnie1790d ago

Definitely well written and deftly handled by Pixar, but I wouldn't put it amongst Pixar's best like Wall-E or Monsters Inc. Thank you for reading and responding!