The Escape Plan, Starring Stallone and Schwarzenegger, Trailer

Here's the first trailer for The Escape Plan, the upcoming action-thriller starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvestor Stallone.

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mushroomwig1817d ago

Okay, now I don't have to watch the movie since this trailer pretty much summed EVERYTHING up for me.

adorie1815d ago

Hahaha! I agree with you,but this looks like a neat little throw-back to the 80's and early 90's action flicks, so I think I'm gonna bite. :D

Sahil1815d ago

An onscreen team-up that seems twenty years too late.

Arnie does seem a little tired in those action scenes almost like he's forgotten how to be action guy. Stallone fairs a little better but looks older than time. I think it's their charisma that continues to keep them going. That said, they could still beat the shit out of me I'm sure.

Fuck it, I've wanted an Arnie/Sly movie since I was a kid. I'll see this thing no matter how old these dudes are.

Sahil1815d ago

You better avoid the second trailer then ;)

Hergula1814d ago

Haha, agreed... Trailer tend to do that these days.

steven83r1817d ago

Looks damn good. Changed the name from the Tomb but glad to see Arnie and Stallone going strong and making movies like they used to. And not like the crap coming out today.

DarkBlood1817d ago

so thats what happen to "Tomb" lol thanks for that

steven83r1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Ya i am guessing they did. When the guy mentioned this is The Tomb that's when i remembered they were working on a movie with that name. I always thought the Tomb was going to be some Egyptian Mummy movie with them. Or a National Treasure style movie.

DarkBlood1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

lol you hit like a vegetarain

classic lines

Sahil1815d ago

Looks even better than Lock Up. The studios have been nervous about releasing this one because Bullet To The Head and The Last Stand didn't do too well. But this one looks way better. I'll be seeing this one in theatre for sure. Every dollar you put into their new movies increases the budgets/quality of their next projects :)
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