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Metal Arcade: Zach Kircher writes: While perhaps not the best zombie flick, World War Z is a great summer thrill ride.

If there is any sort of horror device that can draw in a crowd, it’s zombies. However, these days the market has been flooded with so much zombie material that Hollywood is seemingly beginning to run out of ideas for the sub-genre. Studio executives have been turning to previously published works to satisfy their quotas, and the latest of these adaptations is World War Z, the newest film from Brad Pitt and director Marc Forster. Widely publicized for its dramatic departures from Max Brooks’ novel and its troubled production, does this film still have a chance at producing some intense thrills this summer?

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Sahil1791d ago

I saw this movie and I had some mixed feelings about the end at first. Overall, I thought it was an EXCELLENT movie!!! The beginning apocalypse scene was just amazing, and the middle was action-packed suspense...I loved it!