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"I went into White House Down expecting a big dumb, summer action movie and in a sense, that is exactly what I got. What I wasn’t expecting was to be completely blown away by the sheer spectacle and overwhelming absurdity of the movie. White House Down is the perfect American action movie. It oozes this ridiculous sense of patriotism and even though the action is completely unrealistic, it obeys its own rules. This is a movie that knows the cliches and obnoxious elements of action movies, but creates such a spectacle out of them you can’t help but smile and laugh along with the insanity." - David Rhinehart of

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Sahil1815d ago

White House Down is 'Die Hard in the White House' but it is slightly better than Olympus Has Fallen. Tadah! Oh, and it's better than 'The Heat'. That's all you need to know.

Sahil1815d ago

I saw Odd Thomas this weekend in Thailand. Guess because of lawsuits you all in the US might never see it. I liked it. Anton was pretty much what I imagined Odd being. Though I could have done without the CGI pancake flipping and CGI cucumber cutting.