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25 Nastiest Zombie Movies

With the release of a massive, franchised PG-13 zombie movie, Den of Geek decided to go back and discuss the twenty-five nastiest, R-rated zombie movies. You may argue over which of these films is the best (hint: it won’t matter if the zombies run or not), but let this list serve as a reminder that these flesh-eaters bite, and they bite hard. No one under 17 should be admitted without a parent or guardian (and your 18-year-old neighbor doesn’t count). Oh yes, there will be blood.

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Sahil1786d ago

I'm going to be honest, I didn't like the original Dawn of the Dead. The music was dumb, the characters weren't really that cool except the 2 SWAT guys, they moved a guy that was bitten in a cart killing zombies? I find that ridiculous. And the end where all these survivors come out of nowhere, that was just making me facepalm myself to death because of how stupid and ridiculous it was. I would say it was a good zombie movie if I saw it in that year it came out. But, I don't like it today.