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World War Z Review | LRA

LRA writes: After a number of script rewrites, re-shoots, and general retooling over the film’s six year journey to theaters, World War Z is upon us. With so many pre-production problems, it was widely speculated that the finished product would not only fail to realize the intricate work of author Max Brooks original novel, but that Paramount and a slew of other co-financiers would be stuck with a $200 million bill that only a zombie apocalypse could get them out of. So the question remains, is World War Z the steaming pile of feces most expected or did director Marc Forster pull off a miracle and deliver the summer blockbuster friendly film they had promised?

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Sahil1814d ago

I wouldn't say the movie kinda deviates from the book. Its more like Max Brooks creates a book which is a series of peoples stories during the apocalypse, and not just survivors. Like the major pharmacutocal company that sold off placibos as a cure. So max writes a book. It becomes a classic. Fox buys the rights. Then makes something that is the exact opposite of what made it so popular.