Legendary And Warner Bros. Officially Part Ways

From CBM:

The latest new from Variety tonight is pretty somber for DC Comics fans as Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are reportedly set to part ways. Legendary is currently deciding whether to partner with NBC or Fox as it looks to venture into television and develop adaptations of its own comic book properties. It is thought that Legendary will make a decision by the Fourth of July weekend.

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aviator1891823d ago

Does this mean we might not see a sequel to man of steel or pacific rim??

LtSkittles1823d ago

Not sure about Pacific Rim, but we will see a Man of Steel sequel. WB owns the rights to all of DC's properties.

darklordzor1823d ago

Oh yeah, we'll for sure get a second Man of Steel and possibly even another Pacific Rim. Legendary was a Financing partner, helping to foot part of the bill. Warner Bros actually owns the rights to the films themselves.

StarWarsFan1823d ago

It'll be interesting to see how Warner Bros. does on its own with their comic book franchises. I think this breakup isn't coming at a great time for Legendary as I don't think their Pacific Rim is going to be the hit they've been wanting it to be for a while, so it won't be nice to start on a low note.