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True Blood Season 6 Episode 2 Review: ‘The Sun’ | All That's Epic

ATE writes: "After the season premiere of True Blood last week, we were given many answers to some of the plots’ twists and turns, but, in typical True Blood fashion, we were left with more questions to ponder throughout the week. Fortunately, “The Sun” shed light on the path this season’s plot might be going and it looks like we have the potential for a great season this summer."

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Sahil1814d ago

Anyone else who was angry when Eric was at Sookies house and he's all nice and stuff and gives the house back to her and you think they're gonna be back together and you hope they're gonna kiss and then . . . BOOM Sookie takes her invitation back!! And Eric is totally heartbroken. I sooooooooo need them back together !!