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ATE writes: "There are a lot of movies that go through what’s called, “production hell”, and in recent years World War Z is one that constantly came under that category. The film is here and pretty much all the praise should go towards Brad Pitt, who refused to give up on the project."

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hazelamy1764d ago

the movie was pretty damn good, a great vision of a worldwide zombie outbreak, and Brad Pitt gave a great performance as the lead.

but there are some pretty major differences between the book and the movie.

like the zombies themselves being runners in the movie when they don't in the book.

like Max Brooks said, there's very little similarity between the book and movie other than the title and the basic premise of a worldwide zombie outbreak.

but take the movie on it own, and it's actually very good.

Sahil1758d ago

The film was good, its just the title is misleading, it should be called, 'The prequel to WW Z' because, well, without spoiling anything, it is really just a big set up for the next movie, which will probably have a lot more fighting in it, as it is hinted in the third act about how they plan to hide the troops with the thingy thingy (not going to spoil it)