Jim Carrey Denounces Kick-Ass 2

Longtime funnyman Jim Carrey is no stranger to controversy, especially in relation to his newfound political activism against gun violence. Indeed, there were many raised eyebrows at his anti-NRA Funny or Die video, which was released just shortly after the red band trailer for Kick-Ass 2.

Well, Jim Carrey took to Twitter today with an announcement that I can guarantee is causing heartache and the gnashing of teeth over at Universal, the studio and distributor backing the Kick-Ass sequel.

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Upstate89871794d ago

so funny... he's such a weird dude

medman1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

He's so full of s@#$ it's coming out of his mouth. This guy took the role, it was not forced upon him. He read the script and signed up. What a douchebag. Sandy Hook was an abomination, no doubt. But that doesn't give this guy the right to scatterbomb a movie he got paid to make, and from which he took the money. If he gives his paycheck to the Sandy Hook charity, so be it. But I'm sure he has not.

RedHawkX1793d ago

jim carey is a good guy in the movie stopping bad guys. also jim carey probably didnt know what all the bad guys were gonna be doing in the film or director changed stuff to make it very bad. at the end of the day none of you guys should be yelling at jim carey. the guy who writes the checks is the one who makes the decisions and jim carey could of went in with one idea of what the movie was gonna be and the guys writing the checks decided on another thing.

jony_dols1793d ago

You do realize that this is a sequel, right?

*spoiler* The first one had a guy's head explode in a pressure oven, Nicolas Cage got burned alive & Mark Strong was blown to smithereens by a bazooka. Jim knew EXACTLY what sort of film Kick-Ass 2 was going to be, before he signed on.

Carey has no moral ground to stand on. He made sure the cheque cleared for his role before he started bitching about it. Hypocrisy at it's worst.

Gameatholon1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Hey jony_dols you should totally tweet that to him man.

gamejediben1794d ago

Ahhhh Hollyweird...

Doing films and then vehemently denouncing them never stops being hilarious. I know you have to be weird otherwise people wouldn't pay $10 a ticket, but it's funny anyway. Don't ever change.

Lord_Sloth1794d ago

I'll never understand Actors who actively denounce guns yet willingly act in movies portraying the very violence they're against. Jim Carry has now joined Aaron Paul's hypocrisy.

Garethvk1794d ago

Its an odd thing. He was really shaken by the tragedy and did that anti-N.R.A. ad. Being from Canada where violent crimes are rare I could see how this bothered him. That being said, you did the role, you took the money. It is his job to do everything he can to make this movie a hit. Now, he could do the p.r. and take that as a platform to say in light of what happened I am conflicted about the movie and feel that we need to make changes. Then as a result I have established a charity that does xyz.

This also could be some very clever marketing as look how much attention it is getting.

Crazay1794d ago

He should probably just give back his paycheck in my opinion.

C4BL31793d ago

if he wanted to make the movie a hit maybe he shouldn't have taken the role. Once I heard he was in it I was pissed. Wanted to see this movie so bad, too bad I have to skip it.

BlackTar1871793d ago

have you seen him in the previews . I was skeptical too but he killed it from the trailers. He looks awesome

RedHawkX1793d ago

no one skips out on a jim carey movie. c4bl3 just went full retard in here.

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The story is too old to be commented.