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World War Z is exciting and fun, and those who like to see icons of civilization destroyed on film and the effects of complete anarchy on society after society will love the film… if they can let go of any hope that this would resemble a zombie horror movie.

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alycakes1770d ago

I can't wait to see it. I know I'll like it but the fast zombies bother just seems so out of place.

Best-Horror-Movies1770d ago

The fast zombies are different, but interesting concept.

nix1770d ago

saw it last night. if you go with no expectations at all.. it will entertain you.

adorie1769d ago

Yes. Also, I hope you love fruit people, Coconut Teeth near the end of the movie are waiting for you.

I thought the movie was a 4/5 because it had everything except for...well, I won't spoil it but there was many references to the book in the movie, so hardcore fans should have a familiar air about them while looking at the movie.

After seeing how the movie was done, I understand why they couldn't do a direct book to film adaptation. Would have spanned across 2-3 movies and would be nothing more than flashbacks, taking away from the even more boring present time, after the outbreak.

Coconut Teeth. I will never forget.

nix1769d ago

well i didn't read the book so... i didn't notice all that.

MidnytRain1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

This movie really isn't worth it. By the end, the whole thing seemed aimless. I personally think Pitt was above the role. If what you want is some fast-paced CGI sequences then go ahead. Not much else to it.

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