Michael Shannon - Do We Want Darker Comic Book Movies Because we Feel Guilty?

"I don’t know why people think that’s a selling point really. We want to have a comic book movie which ultimately is a fun movie but we want it to be dark and edgy? Is the because we feel guilty about watching comic book movies? It should be painful so we don’t feel like we’re wasting our time?"

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RetrospectRealm1796d ago

No idea what the guy is talking about.

adorie1795d ago

I think his point is along the lines of: "Do we want a "Darker film" because we feel it would be better worth our time and money to watch?"

He's speaking as if he was a moviegoer, maybe a slightly misinformed opinion or it could be coprrect, because I feel if a movie is darker it would appeal to me more, because Darker Movies seem a bit more mature, although there isn't too-too much maturity about a comic book movie, Man of Steel was perfect to me.

Man of Steel had a little bit of everything, it's my proverbial salad bowl with a nice bold ranch on the top.
It did have a darker feel to it than the previous super man films.

calis1795d ago

I like them dark and edgy because they are usually better movies.

adorie1795d ago

I agree, darker movies usually contain some intelligence to them as well. I love when a movie has me firing up the neurons.

Sahil1787d ago

Comic book movies are more suited to dark and edgy thingy, makes them more real and makes me want to go and see them.