‘Doctor Strange’ Movie Villains Revealed

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With Marvel’s Phase 2 currently underway. Details are beginning to emerge about the upcoming Phase 3 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe! What kind of details? How about some bad guys for Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange movie!

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hazelamy1830d ago

they've dealt with mostly science based heroes and villians so far, even if it is science that's so far advanced of human technology that it seems like magic.
but this would be the first true magic based character, that i'm aware of, to appear in the Marvel cinematic universe.

it'll certainly be interesting to see how they handle it.
if Tony had the kind of reaction he did to aliens, how on earth would he react to the existence of magic.

Sahil1820d ago

Justin Theroux still in the mix for Doc? Curious. He was an interesting choice, and since I can't come up with any better, he's my only choice now.

Sahil1820d ago

This suggests a more-than-one movie story arc. If they'd gone for a one-shot I would've guessed Nightmare as his antagonist. (Though still with Baron Mordo -- he's got to be in there at the beginning.)

My choice for the Doctor Strange? Joseph Fiennes.