Hollywood Has Reached Comic Book Movie Saturation, They Need To Stop

Since the year 2000, there have been over sixty comic book movies made and released. That's one comic book movie for every three months. Diminution, you say? Surely it can't go on! Think again. In 2014, there'll be one comic book movie for every 1.5 months...

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darklordzor1829d ago

Seems like every year one of these articles comes out. Hell, I wrote one back in 2010 saying the exact same thing. As long as it makes money they're going to keep happening. However, I'm not as opposed to it as I was before. The comic book films are getting progressively better and starting to incorporate filmmaking styles from other genres to make them more dynamic and engaging films.

jordan84451829d ago

I dunno about that. Can you honestly compare Captain America to X-men II? Back in the day when Affleck stinked out theatres with Daredevil, I thought the phase was over. Seems not...

nyobzoo1829d ago

not until after they make a JL movie

ironfist921829d ago

That would be a killer film

ajax171829d ago

Make Hellboy 3. Then make them stop

ironfist921829d ago

I have a feeling that video game films will be the next fad

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