TV Fanatic Major Crimes Review: Whip It

False pretenses was such a standard crime of the week episode of Major Crimes that it was almost difficult to review. The show has gone so far off the beaten path of the traditional crime drama that this broader focus threw me a bit.

The crime was a murder suicide between a brother and a sister, the latter of whom was going through a bad divorce and the former of whom was her estranged husband. There were two unique pieces to this crime. First was the still-annoying DDA Rios and her ridiculous reaction to the murder scenes.

I'm sorry, but I don't buy that she got as far as she did in her job without viewing crime scenes and dead bodies before arriving here. She literally stops in her tracks and shrieks. Not once, but twice at the same house. Lawdy woman, have some professionalism.

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alycakes1831d ago

With all the different stories that they tell each week and all the murders they still is all leading up to Rusty's testifying at the trial of a serial killer. This season it's going to be all about him and it's getting very interesting with the letters. I wish I knew who that was.