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World War Z Review | Bone-idle writes "World War Z is based on the book of the same name and, unsurprisingly, features copious amounts of zombies unleashing hell upon the world. Original, no? Unlike the book itself, which read like a multitude of UN reports, the film has been adapted to include a main character, Gerry, who is traversing the globe to find a cure for the outbreak. Played by the titular Brad Pitt, the book’s greatest strength becomes the film’s greatest weakness."

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BoneIdle1806d ago

I had high hopes for this after reading the book, shame it turned out so bad. It would be more suited to a Band of Brothers style 10 to 12 episode HBO series. That would be awesome.

Gamefan121805d ago

totally agree. A Mini series would have been perfect with how the book was written.

ceballos77mx1804d ago

Yeah definitely, ill see it but ill just think about it as another zombie flick and not on the book, but yeah a band of brothers type of miniseries would.of been better.

Godmars2901804d ago

Supposedly its not really based on the book. Just uses its name and reputation.

Sahil1796d ago

One word: Disappointing, zombies zombies everywhwere.