Why Man Of Steel's Michael Shannon Doesn't See General Zod As A Villain

Cinemablend: Any story can be drastically changed being looked at through the eyes of the antagonist. What might be seen as an apocalyptic attack that kills millions from one point of view could be an attempt to save millions of lives from another. This is the riddle that any actor has to look at when taking on an antagonist role. And when Michael Shannon took on the part of General Zod in Man of Steel and saw the story through his perspective he came to the conclusion that the rogue Kryptonian actually isn’t a villain at all.

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RetrospectRealm1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

I'm sure someone from Earth would've done the same to another planet if Earth were in this position.

Technically, Kal-El is a traitor to his own kind. He could be considered a villain, it's just he's fighting for our planet, and he's on our side.

Darrius Cole1830d ago

I thought it was a bit of a plot device for them to Terra-form earth. If they can Terra-form, it makes more sense for them to change a different planet. They still need other life in order to live. They still have to eat, sleep, etc. Changing the Earth in a way that kills all the people is also going to kill all the creatures in all the ecosystems on the planet. Moreover, why would they want the change Earth in such a way that it takes away all their super-powers? It makes no sense.

RetrospectRealm1830d ago

I don't think they really care about super powers, but more that their people live on.

Lord_Sloth1831d ago

It's like I keep saying about Raditz. He was cruel and certainly lacking in the compassion department but he's not exactly an evil Saiyan. He's just a typical Saiyan who went to Earth to bring his brother back with him in an attempt to rally the near extinct Saiyan race.

hazelamy1830d ago

didn't Raditz want to kill everybody on earth and sell the planet to Frieza or something?

Lord_Sloth1830d ago

Indeed, as all Saiyans did. They destroyed and conquered planets. They even took their "homeworld" from another race and commited Xenocide against that species.
Raditz would do the same thing to Earth and bring his lost, baby brother back into the Saiyan fold. Such was his duty.

Darrius Cole1830d ago

Err, Sloth, that make Raditz a villain. Killing innocent people just so you can profit at their expense makes you a villain. They fact that your whole race does just makes them all villains as well.

Deadpool6161830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Didn't Raditz attempt to kill his own nephew Gohan as well?

ajax171830d ago

I still need to see this! Michael Shannon was such a perfect choice.