Bryan Singer On Creative Consultant Mark Millar And Competing With Marvel’s Film Slate

CBT: We’ve seen a lot of set pictures from Bryan Singer‘s X-Men inbetweenquel Days of Future Past. Things have looked pretty good so far, but Singer got a few fans worked up when he announced Quicksilver would be involved in the film. Some saw it as a jab at Joss Whedon and Marvel who are planning big things for the silver speedster and his sister in Avengers 2. It seems things have calmed down and we’re back to business as usual. Singer recently chatted with SFX magazine about the movie. He talked a little about Mark Millar and his Marvel movie consultant role as well as what it’s like competing with Marvel‘s movie line-up for 2014.

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RetrospectRealm1835d ago

Just sell the rights back to Marvel since you can't beat them.

Sahil1824d ago

^^ that's the only way now.