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Metal Arcade: Terrance Pryor writes:

Does Man of Steel fly?

Reboots in the comic book movie adaptation realm have been a lot more frequent nowadays. The Amazing Spider-Man, Batman Begins and The Incredible Hulk are a few that come to mind. The Superman franchise, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, has seen its ups (the Christopher Reeve Superman films, Smallville) and downs (pretty much every Superman video game ever made, Superman Returns) when it comes to the caped hero making the leap outside of the comics. After the disappointing Superman Returns (which was considered a sequel to 1980′s Superman II), 300 and Sucker Punch director Zack Synder felt like the beloved franchise needed to start anew. With the help of writer David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight Rises) and Christopher Nolan, producer/director of the Dark Knight trilogy, the highly anticipated Man of Steel was born.

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RetrospectRealm1857d ago

Do not disagree with you at all on what you said about Michael Shannon.

"It’s a shame that Shannon and Cavill had rough patches with some great dialogue written by Goyer."

What on earth are you talking about?

MetalArcade1857d ago

I'm not the writer, but editing the article I was a bit confused by that statement as well. Then I realized what he meant was that Shannon and Cavill didn't do Goyer's script justice.

NewMonday1857d ago

so far the reviews are spot-on

- "Man of Steel" is joyless
- In 'Man of Steel,' Henry Cavill soars over an erratic plot
- Why So Serious, Superman?
- Spectacular but empty. Looking for Nolan's trademark solemnity? It's there. How about a dour, pensive hero? Yup, got that too. What it doesn't have is much character or soul.

my view is the film is very "entertaining" and "interesting", but not "fun" and "exiting" like the last 2 superhero movies Iron Man and Avengers, they set the bar and held it high for what you expect from this genre.

if this is how the Justice League will be then I'm very underwhelmed.

RetrospectRealm1857d ago

I meant to say I do not agree with what you said about Shannon btw.

I knew exactly what he meant and said. By saying "What on earth are you talking about?" I was pointing out that this guy has no idea what on earth he's talking about.

MetalArcade1855d ago

Once again, I did not write this review. I'm the Editor-in-Chief.

RetrospectRealm1855d ago

I wasn't necessarily speaking directly to you.

badkolo1857d ago

just go see the movie and ignore these reviews, seriously, the movie was out of this world, not 1 boring moment, its was that dam good. like i said you need to ignore the reviews completly, they have no clue, most of them are lost in nastalgia or whatevever.

allgamespc20121857d ago

absolutely brilliant movie, amazing in every spectacle. i shed tears cause it was so epic. iron man 3 was such a shit movie compared to this, this is the ultimate superman movie. ya, go there for the story, be a a bitch come out a bitch. you go there to see superman, and my fucking god, do you get superman

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