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The Real History of Game of Thrones

A brief look at the grisly origins of this Game of Thrones "fantasy."

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DeadManMcCarthy1856d ago

I wish you chose a less spoiler heavy picture for the article.

mixelon1856d ago

Absolutely, who the heck approved an article with that picture? :/

tarbis1856d ago

oh goodness. I love that picture. XD

dcrowsneset1856d ago

Sorry if the picture doesn't work for you guys. But that episode is two weeks old. Pretty much anyone who watches the show (or certainly reads the books) knows about that event at this point. And if you click on it, you get to read about some of the historical massacres that inspired it. So, enjoy. :)

xenadus1856d ago

Oh, that's crap. There could've easily been a less spoilery picture chosen, I've been behind on the monies and am catching up on season 3. Thanks for ruining this.

SaffronCurse1856d ago

So for the people who wait it out on Dvd or Blu ray, you just made their day.

dcrowsneset1856d ago

I'm just impressed you avoided it being referenced on Facebook, Twitter, late night comedy, talk shows, newspapers and pretty much every entertainment site linked to Filmwatch for the last two weeks. Sorry to those who avoided it at this point, because some Internet ninjutsu must have been used to avoid its ubiquitous soaking into the pop culture environment. For example, I didn't watch Dexter but I, like everyone, can tell you how Season 4 of that show ended. But I will keep this in mind for the future.

SaffronCurse1856d ago

It's just the principle. You don,t go ruining a story to somebody who hasn't caught up.
There are people out there who probably haven't watched the series, but intend to do so.
Like Myself, I have gone through many tv series that finished long ago. (24,Sopranos,Wire,Lost) It doesn't matter how long or how old the stories are, there will always be newcomers to the series who want to explore it themselves without having it ruined.