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New International Trailer For 'The Wolverine' Shows More Viper, Silver Samurai & New Footage

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With "Iron Man 3" closing in on $1.2 billion worldwide and "Man Of Steel" taking flight this weekend with dollar signs in its eyes, can "The Wolverine" be the same super-sized hit? Gauging anticipation is a fool's errand, but it's probably safe to say excitement is trailing behind those other two movies. But then again, 20th Century Fox really knows how to turn on the marketing juice so prepare for much more over the next six weeks.

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alycakes1859d ago

I think I'm going to be very happy to see this movie.

Hergula1856d ago

I am still unsure about this film... I mean... I want to see Wolverine rage... I WANT HIM TO GO APESHIT AND F*** EVERYBODY UP!