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TV Fanatic Defiance Review: A Living Legend

After last week’s less than stellar offering, "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" drifted back towards the story telling we've gotten to know. While not fully back on solid ground, it did offer a few surprises along the way.

After Nolan and Tommy rescued astronaut Gordon McClintock (Brian J. Smith from Stargate Universe) of the “Bravery Nine” and took him out to Rafe McCauley’s place, I immediately thought back to my teen years and the Challenger disaster in 1986. I remember reading everything I could about the search for answers, wreckage and the remains of the astronauts.

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alycakes1861d ago

I wish they didn't pack all the shows I like on one night. Now it's more difficult than ever between 8 and 10 pm I have to choose between 6 shows...thank goodness they show this one again later that night so I got to see it. Great show.