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Mad Men: “Favors” Collider Review

There have been a few historical milestones that viewers have been anticipating Mad Men dealing with since the show’s inception. While some things are alluded to cryptically (as is Mad Men‘s wont), that hasn’t always been good enough for fans who wanted to see more of an impact or reaction or anything from the characters regarding issues of race, political assassinations, and of course the Vietnam War. Vietnam has been brought up in whispers and side-comments for two seasons now, but it wasn’t until “Favors” that things became overt. They did so, naturally, because it affected Don selfishly. That’s the only way things are dealt with or considered, because that’s what Mad Men has always been about. “Favors” did also hint though at the possibility of change, though. Or at the very least, the idea that Don is starting to realize there are consequences to his actions. Hit the jump for more.

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