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Nathan Fillion - Why Hasn't Fillion Done a Marvel Movie?


With his buddies Joss Whedon and James Gunn busy with Marvel movies, we ask Nathan Fillion when we'll see him join the Marvel universe.

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ironfist921870d ago

He'd make an awesome Flash. Just needs to slim down and bulk up a tad. He wouldve been perfect for Green Lantern though, not sure who chose Ryan Reynolds. He's Deadpool.

Crazay1870d ago

I'm still unsure of all the love he gets. I've seen him in a handful of things and yea, he's OK but nowhere near the quality of actor that should get the kind of fanfare he receives. Although I do think that of he were to add some some muscle mass, he could fill the role of Barry Allen quite well.

SnakeCQC1869d ago

he was awesome in two guys a girl and a pizza place

SnakeCQC1869d ago

i want him in an uncharted movie

aDDicteD1868d ago

it would be nice to see him in a marvel movie. he still has the charisma from fans but he is a bit old and that might play a factor for him to just be inclined in supporting role nevertheless he really is a positive addition if they give him a role that works for him.