Man of Steel: Nightline Special Edition - Superman and "Why We Need Superheroes"


Includes discussions with the cast of Man of Steel, Snyder, Nolan, Zimmer, and others. The second half is an exploration of why we need superheros.

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Crazay1838d ago

That was a fun video. Well done Nightline.

SantistaUSA1838d ago

I'm think this is going to be the best Superman movie yet, it just looks EPIC! :D

Crazay1838d ago

This has been my most anticipated movie for the past 2years..been a loooooong ass 2 years

vanethe1838d ago

I'm really excited , other than smallville i didnt like any superman tv/movie s

but this one looks like it has depth , so i hope it won't be just another "look good" movie