Mel Gibson Said to Be Joining “Expendables 3″


Mel Gibson came under some fire last night at the Mel Brooks tribute, still the butt of jokes after his career ending moves with the police, anti-Semitism, racism, drinking, philandering, accusations of violence against his baby mama, and so on. And of course “The Beaver.”

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jordan84451869d ago

Ha, beat me to it. This is also being reported by MOVIEHOLE. Who have had sources in the industry since pre-internet times.

ajax171869d ago

I hope this is true! It'd be very interesting.

SouthClaw1868d ago

He needs a proper come back role. He has become "that guy" who done some famous movies once apon a time and now does straight to DVD and budget movies.

I was gutted when they pulled the sequel to Lethal Weapon. I think it could have been good if they didn't bring in the new cops kinda thing.

Bringing back or rebooting old franchises is a risky business a lot of them are garbage compared to the originals.

The new Robocop sounds like the guys who wrote sesame street got involved and decided to tone it down... its Robocop it doesn't get much more violent than this...

ironfist921868d ago

Only if you get Danny Glover too :P