Watch the Trailer for Insidious Chapter 2


FilmDistrict has released the trailer for director James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell's Insidious Chapter 2, coming to theaters on September 13.

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Hergula1812d ago

I absoloutly loved the first film, and while the ending was a bit disappointing, it is a horror film that is quite unique and scary.

Crazay1811d ago

I really liked the first one too. That guy in the picture above actually made me jump because I wasn't expecting to see him for some reason. That's a tall order to get me to jump.

Hergula1811d ago

Same here, and I guess it made us jump because they did not build the scene up for a jump-scare. It was perfectly mixed into the scene so you would not see it coming.

ajax171811d ago

I'm still to afraid to see the first one.

Crazay1811d ago

HAHAH! Don't be. It's good no joke

Hergula1811d ago

It is quite scary, trust me when I say this, most of the scary parts, you can easily miss as they happen in the background without any indication, no joke, very rarely do horror movies focus on actually letting the viewer of the film, pick up on the scary things, as usually in horror films, everything is spoon fed so you won´t miss anything.

Varzoth1811d ago

Same here. I am a big horror movie fan, so it takes a lot to scare me. The first Insidious did just that and I love it for that. Very excited for this.

Crazay1811d ago

I know. That freaking guy with the red and black face up in the corner of the room on the ceiling.. Bastard got me good.