Season Three Of The Walking Dead Shambles Onto DVD And Blu-ray This August


Anchor Bay Entertainment has announced the release date for season three of The Walking Dead on DVD and Blu-ray, while also giving us an idea of the special features we should expect to see contained on the discs.

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Crazay1871d ago

I must own the limited edition

Crazay1871d ago

Aaaaannnnd...done. Got that bad boy all pre-ordered and bought. Now to wait until it arrives at my front door.

DarkBlood1870d ago

since you bought it im going to assume it was not from

Crazay1870d ago

Ordered it from and will have it sent to The UPS Store across the border then I'll pick it up there.

DarkBlood1870d ago

ah ic, i been thinking about getting the limited edition if i have the money, but i dont like the idea of leaving my visa on the thier server for 4 months lol

Crazay1870d ago

I hear ya but it was one of those things that I nearly didn't get my hands on the limited edition for season 2 so I figured what the hell. just order it.

aDDicteD1870d ago

That limited edition set looks so cool!!