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Ten Characters Who Should Be Brought Back For J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII


There has been a lot of talk about who is and is not returning for J.J. Abrams' Star Wars Episode VII in 2015, but here are ten suggestions for which of the classic characters most deserve another chance to appear on the big screen.

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Crazay1869d ago

No freaking way to Jar Jar, Vader, Emperor, IG88, Fett or the Storm Troopers.

Vader, The Emperor and Fett are dead..Worm food (literally in Fett's case) no need to beat a dead horse. IG88...well honestly who cares? Jar Jar did very little for me as a character but if you want o have him pop up for a minute then fine but not more than that. The Storm Troopers are part of an old dynasty that no longer exists. It doesn't make sense to have them as a part of the series.

RetrospectRealm1869d ago

I agree. Everyone dead should stay dead... As for the Storm Troopers, there were thousands throughout the Galaxy when the Empire just 'ended' when Vader and Emperor died. I'd assume someone would try and keep the Empire going.

johnsonbat1868d ago

I also agree but I wouldn't say no to seeing jar jar fall into the pit of carkoon or used for target practice with the Death Star.

ThatArtGuy1868d ago

In every official Lucasfilm endorsed book, Boba survives the Sarlacc pit.

heyjiggajay1866d ago

I would love to see some old grizzled/veteran Storm Troopers trying to move on with their post-Empire lives. That would add some pretty rad texture to the universe.

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Guitardr851868d ago

Actually if you follow the extended universe (which the movies actually borrow heavily from including coruscant, etc.) Boba Fett did NOT die in the belly of Sarnak but escaped to fight another day...

Crazay1868d ago

That's really too bad. I'm not a Bobba Fett fan...Biggest pussy in the galaxy when he got bested by a blind guy with a stick.

SilentNegotiator1868d ago

And we all know that Disney will follow the Star Wars novels from the 80s to a "T"

ceballos77mx1868d ago

Not even Lucas followed his own story.

ceballos77mx1868d ago

Just no time travel, parallel universe crap, he can even start after the events of episode 6, just cast new actors to play the roles and id be fine, just please no time travel.

aDDicteD1867d ago

they should just keep the core heroes (luke, r2, han, chewie etc.) add some old villains in minor appearance like bobba fett or the emperor and thats it. they should concentrate on new characters.