Arnold Schwarzenegger: "I'll Be Back (Again)"

YM: The star has confirmed that sequels to three of his most famous franchises are definitely going into production. It looks as if we could be in store for yet more Terminator, Conan and even Twins.

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RetrospectRealm1725d ago

I have a bad feeling about this...

DarkBlood1725d ago

you know how i said i'll kill you last?..... i lied :P

lol anyways well according to the story they are doing for conan it doesnt look like he'll go nuts in that one but im more excited for his return to the terminator franchise

not that terminator 2 being the first movie i ever laid eyes on since birth has anything to do with it *looks away*

ironfist921724d ago

I honestly think he's going to keep acting till his death. Thats dedication.

ninjagoat1724d ago

I want them to put an older man twist on Conan give him a family rip it away from him instill rage make him angry. Seen some great movies come from that angle. Pretty sure Arnold could do it.

problemchild841723d ago

From what I've read the new Conan movie is supposed to go something along those lines, picking up many years after he takes the throne in the previous (Arnold) Conan movie.