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Ridley Scott Taps 'Green Lantern' Writer Michael Green to Pen 'Blade Runner' Sequel

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Veteran scribe Michael Green ("Green Lantern") is moving from superheroes to replicants, as he's in negotiations to write the sequel to "Blade Runner" for Alcon Entertainment and director Ridley Scott's production company Scott Free, an individual familiar with the Warner Bros. project has told TheWrap.

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Crazay1872d ago

This is awesome. Finally after years of hope and speculation, it's beginning to move forward. Here's hoping he can do the original some justice.

ajax171871d ago

This is cool. I love that he's returning to sci-fi. I can't wait for Prometheus 2 too!

Crazay1871d ago

Me too. I liked Prometheus despite the negativity it received.

movieshateyoutoo1871d ago

The screenwriting "talent" behind The Green Lantern shouldn't be writing scripts for soap operas far less a Blade Runner sequel.

Crazay1871d ago

Well judging from your name and your website title, you're rather jaded with all things film but who knows. Maybe he's already submitted a treatment and he actually has some great ideas.