Rob Zombie’s Films From Worst to Best

Best Horror Movies says "Rob Zombie releases some polarizing pictures. His fans seem fully content to follow him through the highs and lows of his career, hard pressed to ensure those who don’t worship his work that each and every film he releases is the end all, be all of horror cinema. That of course isn’t true. It’s not true for any filmmaker today."

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Best-Horror-Movies1066d ago

Personally I did not care for The Lords of Salem.

crimsonfox1065d ago

I contemplated leaving the theater while watching that "film". it was truly awful. But I paid for a extra large ICEE and just drinking it in any other environment would have been awkward. Plus I was just lazy, anyway yeah that movie is his absolute worst...

markte1065d ago

Only two of those movies are any good, Halloween and El Superbeasto. The other movies suck, bad.

ajax171065d ago

The Devil's Rejects should be #1

coolbeans1065d ago

I honestly can't stand what I've seen from him; then again, horror is my least favorite genre.

DOOMZ1065d ago

His worst film was HALLOWEEN 2!

Defectiv3_Detectiv31065d ago

It's even worse than the original Halloween remake? Because what the original Halloween was always missing was Michael Meyers white trash parents :/

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