Only God Forgives: IGN Review

After Drive comes the slow motion, mangled wreck that is Only God Forgives.

In the J.G. Ballard novel (and David Cronenberg movie adaptation) Crash, a group of nihilistic thrill seekers stage automobile accidents for twisted kicks and you can’t help wonder if director Nicholas Winding Refn is operating in a similar way here. Drive’s critical and commercial acclaim put him on Hollywood’s Formula 1 starting grid; here, he’s very deliberately tried to sabotage his race to spin out in a glorious fireball. And while some see great beauty in a spectacular crash n’ burn – and admire the foolish wilfulness that caused it – the end result is still a write-off.

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alycakes1879d ago

I think this is the worst review Ryan has ever gotten. He need to start focusing on what roles he decides to take.

RetrospectRealm1879d ago

What the- 3/10!?!? It can't be that bad. It has Ryan in it.

coolbeans1878d ago

I would bring up "this is IGN" here but it seems to be getting torn apart almost everywhere else.