TV Fanatic's Review:The Glades: Doing It For Love

It has been nine months 16 days since we watched Jim get down on one knee and pop the question to Callie. That's a long time to wait to learn her answer.

And our reward for waiting 41 weeks was to get to wait another hour as the show opened with Jim explaining that she needed to think about it. Honestly, though, when we've already sat around for over 6,900 hours, what’s one more?

What an unusual hour it was. "Yankee Dan" felt more like a misplaced Halloween episode more than a season premiere. While Carlos and Daniel were totally freaked out by the idea that the plantation was haunted, Jim being the skeptic was his normal calm, cool, cocky, self.

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alycakes1879d ago

Good funny episode to start with. I love this cop show. It's like no other and that's what makes it fun to watch. Good summer show.