First Look: Wanna See Ol’ Chuckster In ‘Curse of Chucky’?

Bloody Disgusting

Thanks to some Child’s Play super fans, we may have our first ever look at Chucky from the Don Mancini-directed Curse of Chucky!

The below image was discovered on Fiona Dourif’s Instagram with the caption “It’s my head on a soundtrack!” The pic is of a CD, allegedly the film’s soundtrack, with a cover displaying the title card, Fiona tied to a chair, and our favorite killer trapped in a Good Guy Doll!

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DarkBlood1880d ago

well its been a long long while now so it wasnt like it was too soon :P

RetrospectRealm1880d ago

I wasn't saying that like it was too soon, I was saying it like there are too many Chucky movies.

KwietStorm1878d ago

Any new chuckie is too soon. Hollywood has been scraping the barrel for longer than should be allowed.

Crazay1880d ago

I think this is supposed to be something more like a reboot if I remember correctly. I'm glad they kept the classic look of Chucky but my hope is they get away from the smart mouth quips that the series became known for. It was more comedic the last 3 movies. ...

RetrospectRealm1880d ago

Do you know if they're doing Chucky as a puppet or going for a CGI Chucky this time?

Crazay1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Am not positive but for some reason I think it's still a puppet, which, is the right thing to do in my opinion.

Tzuno1879d ago

This time is with Chuck Norris.

Plagasx1879d ago

When was the last time you saw a REAL Chucky movie though??

This one claims to go back to it's "Horror" roots so I think people should be excited.

RetrospectRealm1878d ago

I watched the first one last Halloween for AMC Horror Fest.

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LOL_WUT1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I thought it was gonna be a straight to dvd movie? Well, hopefully this turns out to be good. ;)

Edit: NVM it is ;(

level 3601879d ago

I'm thinking it will be mix of puppet and CGI.

Just hope they keep the style with it's B-movie character.

aDDicteD1878d ago

they should stop doing this. the first movie was ok but the sequels suck to much and to the point that chucky is still getting revived and revived for no reasons and at some point had a kid doll as well is plain stupid.

R3DRAIN891876d ago

kinda looks like a ugly girl doll,nice hair though :)

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